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Cafe Fashionista



August 14, 2009


It is not enough to effuse intelligence and sophistication solely through outward appearances. A true business woman can't cut it in the boardroom via boxy blazers alone. She is unable to make professional strides relying merely upon harsh tailored pantsuits, or wrinkled, knee-length pencil skirts. No, the career woman lurking beneath our shy facades and shapeless office attire cannot truly blaze to life without a little incentive; a smidgen of seductiveness. It is not something that has to be seen on the outside, mind you; nor must it break the bank. The true way for us to make a change, to get things done, to better ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally in our careers and our personal lives is by feeling...slightly saucy, perhaps; by knowing that we are sensual, captivating, flirtatious, provocative, fetching, passionate...even if it is underneath it all. Perchance the best way to accomplish all this and more is through Smart & Sexy... Read More