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Smart & Sexy Summer Songs

So my Director of Marketing asked me Friday to do a SmartandSexy chat about 'summer romance'. -Really??? Can I think of any 'smart' advice here?

I googled 'summer romance', and come across - which offers a good definition of summer romance, and some summer romance oldie songs - but how about some newer songs??

We ask around the office, and immediately get many lists of favorites!

Hot button!
Mention summer romance songs and everyone has something to say!

Here are some favorites from around my office:

Vacation - GoGos
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Love Shack - B52's
Just like Heaven - The Cure
Take on me - A-ha
Endless love - Diana Ross Lionel Richie
Tainted love - SoftCell
Heaven is a place called earth - Belinda Carlisle
I will always love you - Whitney Houston
California Love - Tupac and Dr. Dre
Close to you - Maxi Priest
Summer Jam - Craig David
Anytime Anyplace - Janet Jackson
Kokomo - Beach Boys
Crazy for you - Madonna
Lovefool - The Cardigans
Be my lover - La Bouche
Aerosmith - I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
Bon Jovi - Always
Bad English - When I See You Smile
Foreigner - I Wanna Know What Love Is
Robin S. - Show Me Love
Lionel Richie - Endless Love
Celine Dion - Power of Love
Eddie Money - Take Me Home Tonight
Guns & Roses - November Rain
Wild Horses - The Sundays
Cherish - Madonna
Boys of Summer - Don Henley

Saturday afternoon I am outside on the swings singing with my family - bittersweet, knowing this is the last time the 10 of us will be together for a long time. My daughter is going abroad for a year, and I realize something about summer loves- While frivolous flings are fleeting, true loves, like summer, maybe disappear for a while, but always return -

Here are some of our current Summer 08 swing to favorites:

Fall for you - Secondhand Serenade
Crush - David Archuletta
I'm Yours - Jason Maraz
2 Hearts - Kylie Minogue
All Summer Long - Kid Rock
Nine in the afternoon - Panic at the disco
Mercy - Duffy
Dangerous - Kardinal Offshall (feat Akon)
American Boy - Estelle (feat Kanye West)
Summertime - New Kids on the block (hated it but now fell for it!)
If I never see your face again - Maroon 5 (feat Rihanna)
The whole Hard Candy CD - Madonna
Heaven on Earth - Britney Spears
Disturbia - Rihanna (she promises a sexy summer song every summer - I am already waiting for the summer 09 song!)

So as summer ebbs-
In the words of a song:
'Take your passion and make it happen!' - whatever that passion might be!

Enjoy the last days of your summer-
Stay hot!!
SmartandSexy CEO