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Bra Fit Guide
Bra Fit Method



Basic Everyday Bras

Comfort is the first priority when selecting a bra you plan to wear everyday. Soft fabrics, smooth elastics and a snug feel around your body is essential for the best fit and shaping. Straps should fit comfortably on your shoulders and not dig in. If you seem to be "spilling out" on the sides or front of the cup, try the next cup size.

Special Occasion Bras

While comfort is still essential, special occasion bras will come in a variety of styles and will have a sexier fit such as deeper cleavage, push up or mega push up cup. These styles will also have more embellishments like lace, ruffles, bows & bling.

Total Bra Care

Always follow manufacturers care instructions to obtain optimal wear from your bras. This usually means hand washing with mild detergents and hanging up to drip dry. Periodically check to ensure that the fabric and elastics are performing acceptably. When the support is not the same and the bra feels too loose, then it's time to go shopping again.


Diaphragm (ribcage)

Your first measurement is around the diaphragm. Using a tape measure, take a firm measurement around the rib cage, directly underneath the breast. Make sure the tape measure doesn’t slip down your back, hold it very firm and tight.

Bust (At fullest)

Next, take the measurement around the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape is comfortably around the bust. Measure loosely, but make sure the tape does not slip down your back.

Once you have your measurements, use the chart below to find your bra size!

Download our tape measure

Alpha SizeBust (at fullest)Diaphragm (Ribcage)
32A 33“ 27”
34A 35“ 29”
36A 37“ 31”
38A 39" 33"
32B 34" 27”
34B 36“ 29”
36B 38“ 31”
38B 40“ 33”
40B 42“ 35”
32C 35" 27"
34C 37“ 29”
36C 39“ 31”
38C 41“ 33”
40C 43“ 35”
42C 45" 37"
32D 36" 27"
34D 38“ 29”
36D 40“ 31”
38D 42“ 33”
40D 44“ 35”
42D 46" 37"
44D 48" 39"
46D 50" 41"
34DD 39“ 29”
36DD 41“ 31”
38DD 43“  33”
40DD 45“  35”
42DD 47" 37
44DD 49" 39"
46DD 51" 41"
34DDD 40" 29"
36DDD 42" 31"
38DDD 44" 33"
40DDD 46" 35"
42DDD 48" 37"
44DDD 50" 39"
46DDD 52" 41"
Cleavage Guide

Still Not Sure What You Need?

Our very personal bra experts can help you find the perfect size. Email or call 800-985-4375 (Monday-Friday 9-6PM EST)