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Pantie Fit Guide

Basic Everyday Panties

Comfort is the first priority when selecting a panty. Look for soft fabrics, smooth elastics at the waist and legs. Panty should not be tight, particularly at the waist and legs, but elastic should hold the garment in place. For a smooth look under clothes try styles that do not have too much extra fabric or trims. Your bottom back should be gently cupped and the crotch should sit naturally against your body. If you feel uncomfortable, try the next size.

Special Occasion Panties

While comfort is still essential these come in a variety of styles and fabrics, and the fit will be different. These will often have a sexier fit - high cut legs, low rise skimpier back, and often have more embellishments - lace, ruffles, bows, etc.

Caring For Your Undies

Always follow manufacturers care instructions to obtain optimal wear from your undies. Periodically check to ensure that the fabric and elastics are performing acceptably. The fit of those that are worn most often will probably start changing - feeling looser on body, riding up. Then you know it's time to replace them.

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    find your natural waist, bend at sides area where your body indents is your natural waist. Wrap measuring tape around your waist, snug, but not tight - this is your waist measurement.

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    find the fullest part of your hips, usually about 8" below your natural waist, but may fluctuate from 6" to 9" depending on your height. Wrap measuring tape around your hip, snug, but not tight - this is your hip measurement.

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    Find Your Size

    Once you have your measurements find your size on our sizing chart, if you fall between sizes consider the next largest size.

PantySizeWaistHipDress Size
5 s 26” 36” 2 - 4
6 m 28” 38” 6 -8
7 l 30” 40” 10 -12
8 xl 32” 42” 14 -16
9 xxl 36” 46” 18 - 20
10 3xl 43'' 50'' 22 - 24
11 4xl 45'' 52'' 1x - 2x
12 5xl 47” 54” 3X – 4X