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Sister Sizing- It's so easy!

Either up in band and down in cup or down in band and up in cup

Up in Band and Down in Cup Your Size Down in Band and Up in Cup
34A 32B 30C
34B 32C 30D
34C 32D 30DD
34D 32DD 30DDD
34DD 32DDD
34A 32B
36A 34B 32C
36B 34C 32D
36C 34D 32DD
36D 34DD 32DDD
36DD 34DDD
36A 34B
38A 36B 34C
38B 36C 34D
38C 36D 34DD
38D 36DD 34DDD
38DD 36DDD
38A 38B
40A 38B 38C
40B 38C 38D
40C 38D 38DD
40D 38DD 38DDD
40DD 38DDD
40A 42B
42A 40B 42C
42B 40C 42D
42C 40D 42DD
42D 40DD 42DDD
42DD 40DDD
42A 40B
44A 42B 40C
44B 42C 40D
44C 42D 40DD
44D 42DD 40DDD
44DD 42DDD
44A 42B
46A 44B 42C
46B 44C 42D
46C 44D 42DD
46D 44DD 42DDD
46DD 44DDD
46A 44B
48A 46B 44C
48B 46C 44D
48C 46D 44DD
48D 46DD 44DDD
48DD 46DDD
48A 46B
50A 48B 46C
50B 48C 46D
50C 48D 46DD
50D 48DD 46DDD
50DD 48DDD