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All Hail the T-Shirt Bra

All Hail the T-Shirt Bra

 Finding your perfect every day bra can seem like mission impossible. Once you find one that is almost perfect; it falls short in one area or another. Have no fear; Smart & Sexy is here with your new go-to, favorite bra. The Signature Lace Light Line T-Shirt Bra is everything you want and more.

Comfortable and Supportive

Signature Tshirt Bra

It’s no secret that undergarments are an essential part of your every day attire. Having a poorly fitted bra cannot only ruin your outfit, but it can also be uncomfortable and painful. With the signature lace t-shirt bra, you get style, support and a natural lift that flatters your curves and keeps you comfortable all day long. Pair that with the soft, no-show cups and it will be hard to find a garment this bra doesn’t look great under.

It’s All About the Little Details

 Black Signature Tshirt Bra Close Up

Just because it’s an every day bra, doesn’t mean it has to be frumpy or boring. With little details like our front classic bow and center jewel, you’ll feel special every time you put it on. And who doesn’t like a little lace? We added our signature lace to give it a feminine touch.

Extended Sizes

Signature Tshirt Bra 

We know our fuller busted girls want pretty bras too. With sizes like 32D, 40DDD and 42DD, you’ll never have a problem finding your perfect fit. Also make sure to check out our sister size chart, which doubles the amount of bras you can wear!

Have you tried the signature lace light lined t-shirt bra yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!