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DIY Halloween Bras To Die For

DIY Halloween Bras To Die For


Waited until the last minute to think about this weekend's Halloween costume? No problem. We're putting a spooky twist the innerwear as outerwear trend. Quick, simple, affordable and fun, we'll have you bewitching in that no time flat.


Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 Smart&Sexy T-shirt bra
  • Fabric Paint
  • Paintbrush (optional)
  • Sheer or mesh shirt
  • Your equally last-minute besties

Everyone knows you can't do a DIY project without a festive cocktail and your best friends. We've rounded up the cocktail recipes for you and they just so happen to coordinate with our DIY designs. These are a few examples of the prints and patterns we decided to paint on our bras, but the only limit is your imagination! Spiderwebs, pumpkins, bats, black cats, any halloween pattern will do the trick. 
                   Creepy Crawly Cocktail



1oz of Vodka / 1oz of Blue Curaco / 1oz of Grenadine / 1/2oz Lemonade /1 bag of plastic spiders 

*Paired with our Tangled Web Bra


Witches Brew 



1/2 a lemon / 1 bag of pop rocks / 1oz of pineapple juice / 1oz of Blue Curaco / 1oz of Rum

* Paired with our - Wicked Twilight Bra

Once the paint is dry, throw on a sheer or mesh shirt and begin your reign as queen of halloween. We are so excited to see what you come up with, so please make sure to tag us using hashtag #sosexyitsscary. We will be reposting the best bras on our instagram!