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Happy Mother's Day Moms

Happy Mother's Day Moms

Happy Mother's Day! As mothers, you have the most wonderful, challenging, important, life-long job in the world!!!! I have the most unique, amazing, loving, caring, funny, interesting, happy kids in the world. Ok, I might be a little biased ;) I really learn something new from them every single day!

Me with my baby's baby

(Me with my baby's baby)

 The whole family!

(the whole fam!)

Here are some of the rules that I have followed along the way and the ROI is immeasurable!

#1 (the only real rule) Unconditionally love your children and don't drop them on their heads.

#2 Give them respect.

#3 Be really present.

#4 LISTEN, no really listen!!! Pay attention and hear the unspoken.

#5 Big kids don't always cry for help.

#6 Laugh all the time, have fun!!! Always!!!

#7 Don't make a lot of rules, its hard enough to be a kid. Just truly enjoy your time together!

If you do it right, your kids, even teenage kids and adult kids will love hanging out with you - its quite awesome!

I'd love to hear what has worked for you as a mother! Tell me your tips in the comments below!

- Ariela