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Marc Mena's Top 5 Summer Hair Tips

Marc Mena's Top 5 Summer Hair Tips

Celebrity Hair Stylist Marc Mena is the authority on how to get the perfect beach babe waves this summer.  Read his top 5 summer hair tips below!

1. Just like your skin, hair can burn from the sun's damaging UV rays, so make sure to protect it with a leave in protecting spray or hat. 

2. Chlorine in pools can damage color treated hair. To avoid, spray a little leave in conditioner in your hair before you go for a dip.

3. Summer weather tends to make hair frizzy because of the extra humidity and moisture in the air. Try sleeping on a silk pillowcase to smooth hair, so you wake up with shiny, frizz-free hair.

4. For styling, effortless is key. Before going I bed, spray hair with a little bit of water and make four braids; two in front two in back and in the morning you'll have natural beachy waves. You can make more braids, but the more you do, the tighter and more concentrated your waves will be.

5. Try not to use heating tools over the summer to prevent adding damage to your hair. Instead, go for more natural styles, like a slick ponytail, letting your natural texture shine through!