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I Got It From My Mama

I Got It From My Mama

I got it from my mama! I think a lot of us can thank our mom’s for helping to mold us into the confident, self-sufficient, and powerful women we are today.  Although we may not always agree with them, if there is anything we’ve learned over the years it’s that advice from our mother’s will never go out of style.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we wanted to give a shout out to our favorite fashionistas . . . our moms. 

Kristina - Product Development Manager

"Always invest in good basics & always have a good denim jacket; they never go out of style!"

Bella - Senior Designer

My mom continuously reminds me to always look my best and be the best I can be! She also guided me into turning my fashion hobby into a career.

Sherry - Account Manager

As a child, my mom enjoyed dressing me up. After she would finish dressing me up, she would pretend to pull something from behind her back and place on my mouth to get me to smile saying, "There's that smile! Don't ever forget this is the most essential part of your wardrobe, and no look can ever be completed without it!" 

Melissa- Vice President of Ecommerce

The best advice my mom has given me on beauty and style is drink water. Want shinier hair? Is your skin dry? Tired? Getting a cold? The answer to all of these and more always was and still is drink more water!

Shaina- Ecommerce Content Manager

I think I can blame / thank my mom for my shopping addiction. She's taught me to never pass up a good deal, and that sometimes it's worth "going broke saving money."

What style advice can you thank your mom for? Share with us in the comments below