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Smart and Sexy Day Empowers Women

Smart and Sexy Day Empowers Women

March marks Women’s history month, International Women’s Day and of course our very own Smart & Sexy Day! Smart & Sexy Day is about feeling capable and feminine in the way you act, dress and express yourself. Make it your goal everyday to empower other women around you! We sure have! 

Each year, we team up with The Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits to host Smart & Sexy day events throughout the country to help boost their self-confidence so that they feel assured, confident and, most of all, employable. “In today’s slow rebounding economy, it continues to be difficult for those who have been out of the job market to find employment. Combine that with not having the appropriate clothing to make an excellent first impression at an interview, it can create impossible barriers for some disadvantaged women,” says Jeanne Flint, Fund Development Chair of the Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits.

Bra fittings

The ACDN's volunteer driven member organizations serve over 60,000 women each and every year, day in and day out assuring low-income women seeking self-sufficiency have an equal chance! Our events include accurate fittings and free foundational garments from yours truly and will be held in the following cities in the month of March:

Image for Success (San Rafael, CA) - March 9th

Ladies of Valor Empowerment (Miami, FL) - March 12th

Career Wardrobe (Philadelphia, PA) - March 14th

Bottomless Closet (New York, NY) - March 15th

Suited for Success (Oklahoma City, OK) - March 17th

Bra fittings

As we continue into march, we ask that you take time to help empower women around you, starting with yourself. We wish every woman a wonderful Smart & Sexy Day, on March 13th and every day!

How are you empowering women around you? Tell us in the comments below!