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Tips To Enjoying Your Wedding Day

Tips To Enjoying Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is not all chiffon and cake tastings. Between guest lists, venues and budget restrictions, being the bride-to-be can be a daunting task. That is why you deserve to enjoy all of the hard work you have put in! Check out our tips on how to make sure you make the best of your wedding day:

1. Perfect match: Wear a matching bra and panty, trust us, you’ll feel sexier. Prepping the for big day in a long lined bra under your button-down with a mimosa in hand, what could be more glamorous than that?

2. Keep it classy: Don’t drink too much; the last thing you want is a case of the “oh-nos” the day after your wedding. Need something to sip on? Sub champagne for some sparkling water.

3. Fuel up: You’ve hand-selected all of the food; you might as well enjoy it! You will have a long night ahead of you so make sure you make time to eat something.

4. Picture perfect: You don’t want to spend your whole wedding fixing your makeup, but you do want to make sure your pictures are perfect! Keep your lipstick handy for easy touch-ups.

5. Cheers: Don’t forget to thank all your friends and family for joining in your special day. Where would you be without them?

6. Avoid guest gripe: Be gracious; talk to everyone at least once.

7. Let loose: Dance, Dance, Dance! You are the happiest, strongest, smartest and sexiest woman on the dance floor.

8. Endless love: Kiss your new husband often. His new title looks good on him!

9. Perfect hidden accessory: Even if you don’t plan to throw the garter, wear one anyway!

10. Hand off your cell phone to your MOH: You’ve hired a photographer and videographer to capture the memories while you live them! Un-plug for the day and really enjoy.

Wishing our Smart & Sexy brides-to-be much love & happiness on their big day!