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Sexy for Yourself – Tips to Feeling Confident All The Time

Sexy for Yourself – Tips to Feeling Confident All The Time

It isn’t a secret that when we look good, we feel confident. Your whole attitude can change with a pair of new shoes or a swipe of your favorite lipstick. So why is it that we save that confidence for when we have a special occasion or when we are looking to impress? If you dress for yourself, you are always going to feel comfortable, confident & sexy! Here are our tips for feeling confident all the time:

1. Get into a routine – want to look your best all the time? Get into a routine of picking out your clothes the night before. At night you have time to try things on and see what works together. If you try and do it in the morning when you are tired its easy to get into the habit of grabbing whatever is on top in your draw, not necessarily what you look and feel your best in. So plan ahead!

2. Wear your size – clothes look the best when they are the correct size. If you have to continually adjust your clothing throughout the day will have you feeling uncomfortable, not confident. Don’t like what size the label says? Grab a pair of scissors and cut it out!

3. Know your strengths & weaknesses – some trends just aren’t for everyone- and that is ok! Play-up the parts of you that you love. Have parts that you aren’t crazy about? Create the silhouette you want! If you don’t fill out your top the way you want to, grab a push-up bra. If you want to cinch your wait for your new pencil skirt, start with some shapewear. The best outfit starts with your underwear, and if you feel sexy in that, you are going to be feel sexy in everything.

4. Rise & shine – now that your outfit is planned out, all you have to do is work it! Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Just the act of smiling causes happiness, what better way to start the day than happy? If you outfit doesn’t make you smile, then put one on that does!

5. Chin up – throughout the day, stand up straight and keep your chin up. Sitting up straight and pulling your shoulders back increases your self-attitude. Confidence is sexy!

What are your tips on being confident every day? Tell us in the comments below!