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Why Smart&Sexy?

Why Smart&Sexy?

Years ago, after designing lingerie for numerous other brands, my team and I wanted to create a brand of our own, a brand that represented how we felt about women and ourselves. We knew the line would be pretty, lacy, colorful… but the word sexy made me uncomfortable. I personally, didn't want the collection to be demeaning to women. Just the opposite, I wanted to celebrate women. Too often, when a woman is described as sexy, it conjures images that are not positive. It’s time for us to redefine what a sexy woman is.

A sexy woman has confidence, authenticity and self-awareness.

There is nothing sexier than a woman who knows herself and is honest with herself in every way. She knows what looks good on her and how to make the best life choices for herself. Bottom line- a sexy woman, is a smart woman. A smart woman is a sexy woman. This idea birthed the brand 'Smart&Sexy'.

What does Smart&Sexy mean to you? Tell us about a great Smart&Sexy moment in your life. I'd love to hear from you!

Have a smart and sexy day!
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