Privacy Notice

Smart & Sexy – Privacy Notice

The state of California passed a law effective January 1, 2020. This new law (California Consumer Privacy Act) provides rights for California residents as it relates to their personal information stored or tracked online. 

Smart & Sexy, owned and operated by Ariela and Associates International, LLC does not sell customer personal information, nor do we store sensitive financial information collected to process an order on our website. 

Information is collected and we share that information only as necessary to process your order, improve the experience of our website, and to support marketing programs.  

California consumers have the following privacy rights: 

  • The right to know what personal information is collected.
  • The right to know if personal data is being sold or shared, and to whom. 
  • The right to decline the sale of personal data.
  • The right to access the personal information we collect and store about you. 
  • The right to equal service and price, even for consumers that exercise privacy rights. 

Smart & Sexy respects your right to access and or request removal of information we store about you personally. Click here to submit a request through our website. You may also submit your request by calling 800.985.4375 Monday through Friday 9AM-6PM Eastern Standard Time.

Categories of Information:

In the last 12 months we have collected the following categories of information: 

Identifying Information: 

Full Name, aliases or screen names, postal address, Internet Protocol Address, email address, phone number, and usernames and passwords created by you on our website. 

Internet or Activity Information (Non-Identifiable): 

Browsing history on our website, network information, device information, search history, and other behavioral interactions with the content on our website. 

Non-identifiable information is used to track behavioral activity on our website for the purpose of providing recommended products or content, and or in aggregate to improve the experience on the website. 

How We Collect the Information:

Identifying Information:

Smart & Sexy collects personal information only where you choose to provide that information. Collection includes obtaining information during the check out process on our website in order to fulfill on the order that you placed on the website.

Internet or Activity Information (Non-Identifiable):

Activity information is tracked via cookies which are small files stored on your device that tracks content and browsing history specific to the Smart & Sexy website. Cookies are also used collect information such as browser type, device type, and referring source to store in applications that aid in the improvement of the website and marketing programs. We use the information to recommend products on both the website as well as marketing programs. 

Information Use Transparency:

Smart & Sexy utilizes partners to enhance and or fulfill on services we provide for our customers. As a strong proponent of customer privacy, we hold our partners to the highest standards of information protection and use. Our partners are prohibited from using the information we share for any purpose other than the purpose we have designated. Shared information is utilized to fulfill orders, provide enhanced customer service, and or for marketing programs that inform on new products, sales, and or recommendations. Below is the list of partners we share information with and the specific details on how and what information is used. 

  • Bronto
    • First and Last Name, Email Address, and Location (State, City, and Country).
    • Distribute newsletters to inform on new products, promotions, and or recommended products based on prior purchases. 
    • Information is used to personalize the newsletters for each customer. 
  • Zendesk
    • First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Order Numbers, and Postal Address. 
    • Track and respond to customer requests related to orders, information disclosures, and capture feedback on how to improve our service to you. 
  • Zinrelo
    • Order Information, First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Postal Address.
    • Provide rewards and benefits as part of our loyalty program. 
  • Google Analytics
    • Anonymous information aggregated to assist in determining popular content on our website, measure marketing programs, and identify future improvements to our service. 
  • Shopify/Magento
    • Order Information, First and Last Name, Phone Number, Postal Address, and Newsletter Preferences.
    • Collect requests for information such as personal information disclosures and requests for deletion.
    • Capture orders placed by our customers and the shipment details required to fulfill their order. 
  • Facebook/Instagram
    • Email Address shared for the purpose of identifying audiences with similar preferences for the purpose of marketing to new customers.
  • Google/Bing
    • Email Address shared for the purpose of identifying audiences with similar preferences for the purpose of marketing to new customers.
  • SMS Bump
    • Customer Cell Phone and Order Information.
    • Optional communication service for announcing new products, promotions, and updating our customers on the process. Sign up and permission is required. 
  • Yotpo
    • First and Last Name, Phone Numbers, Physical Addresses, Geographic Location, IP Address, and Browser Version. 
    • Yotpo powers the product review system on our platform and customers can choose a display name in lieu of identifying information. Customer information is shared to compile reviews provided by each customer and the reviews are shared by permission from the customer only. 
  • Privy/ProofFactor
    • Order Information and Email Address. 
    • Provide reminders of purchases that were not completed, and display options for signing up for our newsletter. 
  • Returnly
    • Order Information, First and Last Name, Postal Address, Email Address, and Phone Number.
    • A service for our customers to simplify returns and exchanges as an enhancement to our customer satisfaction guarantee. 
    • Provides insight into reasons for returns to improve our products and services.   

Information for Nevada Consumers: Privacy Rights

Pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes Sections 603A.300-360 we are required to disclose to Nevada consumers information related to the sale of personal information. Smart & Sexy (Ariela and Associates International, LLC) does not sell customer information as covered by the above statute. Nevada consumers may still submit a request for their information not to be sold by submitting a request here.