Business, Bras & Books: The Female Lead|Smart & Sexy

Business, Bras & Books: The Female Lead|Smart & Sexy

Business, Bras & Books: The Female Lead

Ariela Balk, Founder and CEO of AAI international, welcomed world-renown female leaders to connect and celebrate female success stories. Monday night the Smart&Sexy team had the privilege of hearing from world-renown female activists and revolutionaries over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the Smart&Sexy Pop-Up Shop to discuss successes, failures, the importance of positive role models for young women and everything in-between.

In welcoming Edwina Dunn, UK Entrepreneur, CEO of Starcount and founder of The Female Lead to New York City, she shared her motivation behind her unbelievable accomplishments. The Female lead is a compilation of the successes of aspirational women in business endeavors and society. According to Dunn, today the “women who are self-describing as CEO and directors” are following these Female Lead icons on social media. Social media has become a platform for female empowerment, to influence “our daughters” and other young women to “dream big” and never give up on their goals.

 Isisara Bey, a stand out entrepreneur in The Female Lead, started her speech by having each audience member stand up and state his or her “superpower”. The exercise highlighted the various sets of strength and qualities that made each woman in the room unique. The room was filled with Wonder-women of all ages, sizes, and superpowers!

    Not only were we honored with the opportunity to hear from some of the icons featured in the book, but also other inspirational feminist leaders like Nell Merlino. Have you ever taken your daughter with you to work? You can thank Nell Merlino for that! She founded Founder of Take Our Daughters to Work Day in an effort to empower young women to become entrepreneurs. Merlino is also founder and CEO of Count Me In: a charity that supports ambitious women through economic stability, so that they can continue to grow to their business visions become strong leaders in society.  

This panel of iconic female leaders epitomizes the Smart&Sexy brand: to empower and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves! We couldn't help but leave this event feeling inspired & ready to take on the world!

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