What Does Your Coffee Choice Say About You?

Wake up & smell the coffee! We're celebrating International Coffee Day, but before you go collecting your free coffees, find out what your coffee order says about you:

Au Lait

The woman who orders an Au Lait is super organized and gets a full 8 hours of sleep every night. She is the first woman in the office ready to get things done and will go out of her way to help others. She is a comfort seeker and does not enjoy the bitterness of coffee so she sweetens it with milk and sugar.


Caramel swirl kind of girl? This shade for the woman who is known for her sweet personality and creative sense of style. She's always looking for ways to spice things up and isn't afraid of a spontaneous adventure. With her sweetened coffee, one cup is enough for her to take on the world!


Better latte then never! This one is for the woman who leads a more laid-back and care-free lifestyle. Rather than decision-maker, she is much more reflective and considers all her options leisurely. She’s imaginative and enjoys the simpler pleasures in life!


This is how we would espresso your personality - this one is for the functional night-owl who sleeps at 2am and starts her day at 6am! She is a natural-born leader who works hard, is on her feet all day and likes things to be very straight forward. She also enjoys a good boxing class as a stress reliever. She likes her coffee dark and with the strongest kick possible!

May your bra game as strong as your coffee. Our Skin Tone Nude Push-Up Bras were designed with all women in mind! Get your fix with any of our different shades, from Espresso to Au Lait the options are endless! So fill up your cup(s) & shop the shade that best suits you.

Does your coffee order match your personality? Share with us in the comments below!

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