How to find the right size panties

How to Measure

Step 1. Waist

Wrap measuring tape around your waist, snug, but not tight - this is your waist measurement.

Step 2. Hip

Wrap measuring tape around your hip, snug, but not tight - this is your hip measurement.

Find the right size panties

Panty Size Charts

Panty Size Chart

Find the right style

Panty Styles

Everything you need to know about our popular panty styles.

By Shape


No panty lines here, thong panties over no back coverage making them perfect under tight fitting clothing.


Between a cheeky and a thong, Brazilian panties offer minimum back coverage. A popular fit for women’s underwear and bikini bottoms, this is a sexy style contours your bottom.


Everyone loves a little extra cheek peek. Cheeky style panties have moderate back coverage, not fully covering your bottom. With the right fit, this style will lay flat under clothing for everyday wear.


Bikini panties are a classic silhouette. Super comfortable with medium coverage, this style panty is perfect for everyday wear but sexy enough for special occasions.


Boyshorts offer full coverage in a modern silhouette. Boyshorts are a perfect everyday alternative and offer comfortable coverage under clothing.

High waisted

High waisted panties are perfect for covering the tummy and highlighting your legs or, for those who want to create a more retro look. High waisted panties can range in height, but usually sit just below the bellow button.

Care Guide

Always follow manufacturers care instructions to obtain optimal wear from your panties. Periodically check to ensure the fabric and elastics are performing acceptably.

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