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Four Signs You’re An Independent Woman

Four Signs You’re An Independent Woman

Being a strong, liberated woman is a lifestyle. Here are four signs that you’re an independent and you own it:

1. Shoes on my feet, I bought ‘em: If you want something, you’re not going to wait for someone else to get it for you. Want a new outfit? Whether you have to save up for months or you decide to splurge, you’re going to do what it takes to get it.

2. Problem Solver: You don’t bring problems to the table, you bring solutions. Independent ladies are not the type to complain about the things in their lives that make them unhappy; they get to work to change them.

3. Table for one, please: New restaurant you want to try or movie you’ve been dying to see? You don’t wait for your friends or significant other’s plans to free up. You do the things you love, even if it means doing them alone.

4. Change, come on in: When change inevitably comes around, you don’t miss a beat. In fact, you welcome it. Changes in careers, relationships or even location are an essential part of life and they only help to fuel your fierceness.

We thought there would be no better way for you independent ladies to start your weekend then with a little inspiration. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!