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Mother's Day Advice From Ariela Balk, Smart&Sexy CEO

Mother's Day Advice From Ariela Balk, Smart&Sexy CEO

As a CEO & mother of 8, my children were brought up in a business minded household. Figuring out how you were going to support yourself as an adult was something we'd discussed since preschool. Not in a stressful way, but more like, “what do you love doing?”

I have always told my children to figure out what they are good at and what they love doing (hopefully they are both the same thing) and pursue it!

For my kids that love business, like a few of my daughters and one son, that seems like an easier path. But I have one son, who wants to be an actor and another son, only 12, who wants to be a chef. I feel strongly about pursing your passion. If you can, make it happen - but also I feel it's very important to be brutally honest with yourself. If you aren't excellent at the thing you love, try to love something else!

When I was a college art student, my professor told me that only 1% of all artists support themselves with their art. Was I as good as the top 1%? I didn't think I was, and I didn't want to bank on it.... So I changed gears, and though I loved sculpture, I decided I would sculpt when I retire.

Within the fashion business, I found a place where I could use both my mind and my creativity. Who knew I would find a field where I could literally help sculpt women's bodies, in bras and swimwear!

I owe so much to my mother who always gave me great advice about life, marriage and raising children. The greatest gift she gave me, was to believe in myself and believe I could do anything. I also always knew how much she loved me. Love and self-confidence are probably the 2 greatest gifts you can give your children.

I am so blessed and so lucky, I think I have the best job & family in the world! I wish the same happiness for my children, and for you and your children.

What is the best advice your mom gave you, or that you would like to give your children? Tell me in the comments below! And don’t forget to join the conversation on facebook with hashtag #momknowsbest. Happy Mothers Day!