Customer of the Month: April

Customer of the Month: April

Introducing our Customer of the Month: April

Who do you want to Pay it Forward to and why? How have they made an impact in your life? (Please list two people).

First, I would like to reward my daughter Kirstin! I was stuck in a bad marriage for a long time. Unfortunately, my kids witnessed my struggle, but seeing it motivated my daughter to be such a hard worker. Not only does she work in a dental office, she has just opened her own salon! I’m so proud of her and feel she deserves to be rewarded for all her hard work!

My second person would be my son's girlfriend Vanessa. My son took this girl to his senior prom and four years later is still holding her hand. That is something you don’t see too often anymore. I would love for her to have a few things to make her feel beautiful! And I’m sure my son would love it too!

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