Sustainability at Smart&Sexy

Sustainability at Smart&Sexy

Celebrating Earth Month with These Eco-Friendly Tips

Protecting our planet starts with YOU


Each year, Earth Day marks the anniversary of this environmental movement. Since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated by giving a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of our environment and how we, as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint for a healthier and sustainable lifestyle by protecting the our ecosystem.

At Smart&Sexy we're dedicated to continue reducing our carbon footprint by reducing plastic and paper in all our offices, sourcing sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics, and donating any excess fabric and components to organizations that recycle and reuse. We hope that you will also take time to read, inform, and share with anyone around you to help make some lifestyle changes for a healthier planet and here are a few easy tips to start:

Simple steps you can do for a healthier planet

Paper reduction:

  • Opt for paperless billing. A lot of your bills/documents can be viewed/paid online instead of being delivered using envelopes and pages and pages of documents we don't end up keeping.
  • Write a note or shopping list on your phone instead of a piece of paper. Encourage yourself to use of scrap paper for small notes rather than new paper.
  • Print documents you need. We're all guilty of printing more pages than we need. So when we do print, be more cognizant of which pages we print. We don’t always need an entire document, cut down on as much pages and print what you need only.


Plastic Reduction

  • Opt for reusable produce bags to buy your everyday necessities to reduce the use of plastic bags. Often forget your reusable bags? ChicoBags are a great emergency alternative.
  • When buying items that are packaged in plastic bottles, either look for glass or purchase the largest size available to avoid the use of smaller bottles over time.
  • Stop using plastic straws, even in restaurants. If you need a straw, opt a reusable stainless steel or glass straw.

What can I do about my bras?

  • Make sure to follow care instructions for all your bras so they can last longer.
  • Give your bras a break. Switch your bras every week to help preserve and extend their longevity.
  • Instead of throwing your bra to the trash, donate it to your local donation center.

What are some ways that you personally practice sustainability in your everyday life?

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