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Best Swimwear For Your Body Type

Best Swimwear For Your Body Type

Triangle bikini tops are not a one size fits all solution to beach style. We all have body concerns, but by enhancing what you love most about your body you'll be able to look beautiful and feel confident at the beach. Check out our best tips for finding the best swimewear for your body type below:

Convertible Bandeau

Not Enough Support?

If you wouldn't leave the house without a bra, why would you go to the beach without one? Some of us just need a little more support. Lightly lined cups and underwire support not only keep you safe against wardrobe malfunctions, but if you are fuller busted, the extra lift will also make your torso appear longer and leaner. 

Extreme push up bikini top

Smaller Bust

Same thing goes for the smaller busted ladies - why should you leave your cleavage at home? If you love the way a push-up bra makes you look during the day, then you'll love it at the beach too. Lightweight push-up padding, underwire support and halter tie help to create the cleavage you crave.

Side rouched shaping bottom

Belly blues?

Not willing to show off your midsection but still want to wear a bikini? No problem. Our high-waisted bikini bottoms are designed like shapewear to keep your belly under wraps. 

 Extra long tankinis

Coming Up Short?

If you're not married to a bikini - keep comfortably covered in our our extra long tankinis. Most tankinis end just before your swim bottoms, which is why we've added an extra 6 inches of length. Who wants to be tugging and adjusting their swimsuit all day? Go for a swim, play a little beach volleyball, we have you covered. 

 Ruffle skirted bottom

Don't Want to Bare The Beach Bum?

If you're not ready to bare it all, a swim bottom with a built-in swim skirt is the perfect solution. The side bow is just for show - this skirt is staying put in the surf and sand. 

What makes you feel sexy at the beach? Tell us in the comments below!