Smart&Sexy Day 2019

Smart&Sexy Day 2019

Smart&Sexy Day 2019

"Support means so many things to me. As a company, we make beautiful bras that support women and help them achieve their idealized physical shape. As a woman, one of my most rewarding responsibilities is supporting other women as they grow their careers and businesses, both financially and through mentoring. Helping shape the future, with more successful women, and women owned businesses is one of the most fulfilling ways to spend my time" - Ariela Esquenazi CEO of Smart& Sexy

We take pride in supporting women all year round, but in March we get special the opportunity to witness our direct impact first hand. March 13th is officially Smart & Sexy Day and every March (Women’s Month), we team up with The Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits to host Smart & Sexy Day events in cities throughout the country. Smart & Sexy Day Events help give women the tools they need to enter, or re-enter, the work force. There’s more to being successful then just building an impressive resume, it’s about building confidence. Bras aren’t going to change the world, but the confident women who wear them will.

Smart & Sexy Day events will inspire women, boosting their self-confidence so that they feel assured, confident, and most of all, employable. Don't take it from us, let the women who have been apart of the event every year share their experiences:


Women who attend Smart & Sexy Day at a participating ACDN location will receive Smart & Sexy foundation garments from Smart & Sexy as well as job seeking skills training from leading local industry professionals and dedicated volunteers. Attendees will also be taught how to shop and build a professional wardrobe on a budget.


This year’s events will be taking place at the following locations:

Desert Best Friend’s Closet (Palm Desert, CA) – March 12th

Career Wardrobe (Philadelphia, PA) - March 12th

Bottomless Closet (New York, NY) - March 19th

Ladies of Valor Empowerment (Miami, FL) - March 23rd

WHW (Santa Ana, CA) – March 29th

Madelt Foundation (Baltimore, MD) – March 30th

Transforming Lives & Restoring Hope, Inc. (Roanoke Rapids, NC) – March 30th

Suited for Success (Oklahoma City, OK) - TBD

Tailored for Success (Malden, MA) – TBD


As Smart & Sexy day marches on, we ask that you take the time to help empower women around you, starting with yourself.


What does support mean to you? Tell us in the comments below!

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